Team 22 Studios
Sevierville Video Services
An Award – Winning Video Company

Team 22 Studios specializes in creating Social Media corporate videos to help businesses effectively promote and market their products and/or services.  Their creative team recently captured three awards, including 2nd Overall and Emerging Filmmaker of the Year, at the 2017 Knoxville Film Festival’s 7 – Day Shootout.  The contest pitted 27 filmmakers against each other with each contestant given only 7 days to fully produce a 4 to 7 minute short film. The genre of the video was only provided on the first of the seven days to each filmmaker. Therefore the script, selection of actors, shooting, score and editing had to be completed within those seven days. The filming skills necessary to win these awards are very valuable and transferrable to companies who are desirous to put forward a strong and professional marketing presence to other businesses or consumers.

Team 22 Studios Experience and Background

Team 22 Studios has been involved with video production and marketing for over 25 years. They have produced Social Media spots, music videos, TV commercials, weddings, promotional and instructional videos for their own companies and for countless other businesses. Their greatest strength is developing marketing ideas for companies that often struggle to find the right message and the most effective way to communicate that message to the consumer or business.  That experience lends itself very well in the relatively new and expanding Social Media platform. Many analysts have clearly stated that if you do not have a video presence on Social Media you will have a very difficult time to survive in today’s marketing world.

Studio Facilities & other Talents

Team 22 Studios is located in Sevierville, TN in the beautiful Smoky Mountain region.  They have a working studio that consists of 1,300 square feet with multiple sets. They are capable of filming in their studios or on location. In addition to their beautiful facilities, the creative staff at Team 22 Studios is also very skilled in photography, image and video editing, jingles, copy writing, graphic design work and logo creation. They could also take care of any printing needs that are required for your business. Team 22 Studios has a collection of amazing and creative talent for any company that is interested in having a professional image on social media and other media outlets.